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The Principles of the Sister Groups:

1)      We honor Lady Sintana as our late Witch Queen and Elder High Priestess and Lord Merlin as our late Elder High Priest.

2)     We honor Lady Maia as the High Priestess of Ravenwood and as the one who in this capacity carries Lady Sintana's mantle of leadership for Ravenwood Church and Ravenwood Tradition.

3)     The Ravenwood Tradition, while rooted within Ravenwood Church and Seminary as the founding group, is shared among the associated sister groups. The Sister Groups are the keepers of the Ravenwood Tradition and vow to maintain its integrity because they honor Lady Sintana's work and they believe in the principles on which the Ravenwood Tradition was founded.

4)     We support the work that was Lady Sintana's vision by facilitating fellowship, training and discussion between the groups. This allows each group to function independently and have its own unique voice, and still maintain the original teachings, structure, ideals and standards of the Ravenwood Tradition.

5)     The individual Sister groups carry out the vision by each creating a safe, sacred place for genuine seekers to explore their personal spiritual development through the Traditional Craft. We do this through education and outreach and work to further and disseminate the wisdom and knowledge with which we have been entrusted.

6)     We believe that while many groups may claim Ravenwood lineage, only those groups who uphold and commit to these principles shall be considered to be a part of the Ravenwood Tradition. We feel this distinction is critical to ensure honesty and integrity of the Tradition.

7)     We commit ourselves to working together to ensue that we as sister groups within the Tradition are continuing to practice in a manner consistent with the Ravenwood Tradition.

8)     We reserve the right to evaluate groups who wish to join the Tradition and hold each group within the Tradition accountable to the practices, behaviors and tenets of the Tradition. As such we reserve the right to remove groups from the Tradition in cases where such groups do not conduct themselves in a manner befitting of Lady Sintana's vision or of the principles of Ravenwood Church.

9)     We will strive always to extend a hand of love to our fellow Craft practitioners, in particular, those who claim Ravenwood Lineage, which we define as those groups not in the Tradition, but with training or initiatory lineage from Ravenwood Church.

10)    We strive to maintain healthy and positive relationships with all Craft groups, where such relationships are sought out mutually and we recognize no honest Tradition is "better" or "worse" than another.

11)     Each Sister Group is charged to go forth in the world with pure intentions guided by love, but tempered with the understanding that they guard the reputation of the Ravenwood Tradition. By your deeds ye shall by known.